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Our special offers are changing but don’t worry, they are still there and as great as ever!

You will still be able to see our great range of special offers on our website on the special offers page

But from now on our special offers will only be available via direct telephone bookings OR  via a PROMO CODE when using ‘book now’ button. WHY? It is simple really, we genuinely like to pass on any and all savings to our lovely customers and not pay them in the form of hefty commission fees to the big boy online travel agents like Tripadvisor and But as a small business we can’t compete with their online power so have to join them. And many people do like the instant nature of online booking so from now on you will be able to see our availability on Tripadvisor ….but you won’t see our special offers there! So do remember to always  check our Special Offers page for a PROMO CODE then  click the link to our own booking page called ‘freetobook’ to book at the best possible rate!

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